The Difference Between Human Hair Wigs & Fiber Wigs

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Many people have the question of what is a human hair wig and how does it compare with Fiber wigs. The difference between human hair and synthetic wigs lies in their sources. Human hair is from living donors, typically from the head of a willing individual who has been thoroughly screened for health reasons. Fiber wigs, on the other hand, are made with synthetic fibers.

While Fiber wigs have been around for decades, they are still often seen as a less expensive option or even as an inferior product. However, this is not the case anymore. Fiber wigs that are being made now can withstand a certain amount of heat i.e you can use your heat styling products on them and the texture has improved over the years making it look and feel just like human hair. Fiber wigs offer many benefits which one of it is their cost. They are much cheaper than human hair, which means you can buy a higher quality wig with your budget than if you were to purchase a human hair wig.

Human hair wigs on the other hand are one of the most popular kinds of wigs. They’re also pretty pricey, depending on the hair type but they’re also high quality and natural looking that many people prefer them to their own hair. Human hair wigs can be customizable to suit any style or personality i.e you can straighten, curl, bleach or dye them and yes will last longer than Wigs but fiber wigs cannot be bleached or dyed.

Human hair wigs and Fiber wigs are among the most popular wig types in the market. Whether you have thinning hair or you need to wear a wig because of a medical condition, such as chemotherapy or just want a wig for other needs, you do not have to settle for low-quality wigs. You can find a high-quality human hair wig or fiber wig that will suit your needs. When choosing between human hair and fiber wigs take into account factors such as price, quality and length before making a decision.

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